Amerika-Austausch mit der Union High School in Wilmot/Wisconsin

A second familiy and a second home!

When you hear of GAPP you might think of a normal exchange. But we can tell you that it's way more than this.

The day our teachers told us that we were accepted for the exchange was a day full of excitement and anticipation. There were so many things we were looking forward to and with every GAPP meeting we became more and more excited.
Saying goodbye at the airport made us realize that the adventure was starting right now.
Our partners welcomed us cordially and tried their best to make us feel comfortable right from the start. It took a few days since everybody started feeling as a part of the family and the house we returned to every evening became a second home.
Going to Wilmot High School gave us many impressions on how the American education works and showed us that they aren't only a school but a big and proud community.
Especially supporting their sports teams seemed to unite them.
We also did a few trips to explore Wisconsin but for us the most valuable thing was to be with the group and making new friendships.
All the things we saw there gave us a new perspective on life and showed that there's more than just the possibilities we know.
At the end we left with a smile in one eye and a tear in the other because the past three weeks went by way too fast.
Now we're sitting at home already counting the days until we see each other again and thinking of the wonderful memories we made together.

Maybe now you understand what GAPP means to us.
It stands for experiences which no one can take away from you,
for friendships which will last forever,
for a second family,
for a second home!

Lena Christ & Ronja Falger

Bilder vom GAPP-Austausch 2016 in Wilmot

Ansprechpartner sind Frau Gill-Habl, Herr Wiehl und Frau Fuchs.